Let me guess… you hate selling yourself?

Then the solution is simple: don’t.

It’s the secret most good resume writers won’t tell you: you don’t have to sell yourself.

Instead, an exceptional resume and a strong job strategy will make you irresistible to employers; it makes you easy to be ‘bought’.

So, if you’re a yawn on paper, the phone is running cold, and the only thing flooding into your email inbox is tumbleweeds…

then you’ve found the right place for help creating staggeringly good documents that highlight you and your zone of genius.

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It’s no secret that the job market is highly competitive.

Many companies receive hundreds, sometimes thousands, of unsolicited resumes each week! The average job advertisement attracts 130+ applications, making it difficult to stand out in a sea of sameness.

It’s not simply enough to have the skills to do the job. You need the skills and resources to actually get the job

Imagine being pursued for opportunities, rather than standing in line for them.

Are you a university graduate, professional, manager, executive or businessperson who is:

Strategising your next career move or promotion and need a powerful resume that accentuates your achievements, contributions and potential to get you where you want to go?

Transitioning from self-employment or business ownership and need help translating your experiences in business to those with relevance and appeal to an employer?

Graduating, after investing considerable time and money into your education and need a resume that translates what you’ve learned into something marketable and appealing to employers?

Changing careers or re-entering the workforce after a break and stuck on identifying what exactly it is you have to offer an employer, much less make it shine on your resume?

I create resumes and career tools for people like you, every single day.

Developing a professional level resume is a complex process, but it doesn’t have to be.

It’s not possible for you to be at the forefront of continually evolving resume trends, recruitment technologies, or employer expectations.

That’s why I’m here to help.

Stop wasting your precious time, energy, and opportunities. It’s time for a resume that illustrates your greatness.

Hi, I’m Stacey Murray

Award-winning Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Personal Branding Strategist, Authorised DISC Administrator and Behavioural Consultant (CARW, B.Bus (HRMgmt, Mgmt), CDI) and I love helping people build meaningful careers.

CARW, CDI, DISC, Ambassador


In addition to recruiting thousands of people over my HR career, I’m one of only 16 resume writers in Australia to hold Certified Advanced Resume Writer status.

I’ve been helping clients succeed since 2009 by giving them my expertise from both sides of the hiring desk. I am passionate about community and education, and regularly deliver training and workshops on a range of career, job search and employability skills topics to schools and community groups.

If you are a university graduate, professional, manager, executive or businessperson ready to:

Strategically find your next opportunity, and ready to find it (or have it find you!) much sooner;

Realise the depth of what you have to offer employers and leverage that value to support you to secure better remuneration and benefits;

Invest in bettering your future and maximising your career prospects, or;

Polish your profile and personal brand to position yourself for board/committee appointment, business development or tendering opportunities

… then you’re in the right place for career tools that cut through the noise and get you the job you want–sooner.


Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you have my package ready?

Crafting highly effective and tailored documents should be given the due time and care it needs and deserves. Therefore, I do not do ‘rush’ jobs or imminent deadlines. Documents thrown together at the eleventh hour aren’t going to yield you the results (and return on investment) you deserve. I work with clients to develop documents to meet application deadlines and am happy to provide an estimated turnaround time based on your specific needs and situation.

How much do your services cost?

Grab your information kit by clicking the download button. It contains pricing, service options, process outlines and all the information you need to know about working together.

What is the process?

Grab your information kit by clicking the download button. It contains pricing, service options, process outlines and all the information you need to know about working together.