Successful people share a common trait:

self – awareness.

They recognise the situations that will make them successful, and this makes it easier for them to find ways of achieving objectives that resonate with their motivations. Successful people also understand their limitations and where they aren’t effective, and this helps them to understand what doesn’t inspire them or what won’t motivate them to succeed. People who understand their natural motivators better are far more likely to pursue the right opportunities, for the right reasons, and get the results they desire.

DISC is a scientifically validated, time-tested and adverse impact tested assessment of the natural tendencies, preferences, motivators, strengths, limitations, and communication, leadership and work styles that make you, uniquely you.


Dominance = D

The Dominant D factor measures and identifies how assertively an individual prefers to deal with the problems they encounter.

Influence = I

The Influence I factor measures and identifies how an individual prefers to deal with others.

Steadiness = S

The Steadiness S factor measures and identifies how an individual prefers to deal with the activity level or pace of their daily environment.

Compliance = C

The Conscientious and Compliant C factor measures and identifies how an individual prefers to deal with the rules, having distinct attention to detail, accuracy and data.

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With your personalised DISC profile, you have a tool to help you understand yourself better and learn how to interact more effectively with others. You will be able to develop and use more of your natural strengths, while recognising and improving your limitations. This report doesn’t deal with values or make judgments. Instead, it concentrates on the natural tendencies that influence your behaviour.

The DISC model is simple, practical, and easy to remember:

D: How you respond to problems and challenges.

I: How you influence others to your point of view.

S: How you respond to the pace of the environment.

C: How you respond to rules and procedures set by others.

The secret weapon of career builders.

  • The DISC profile gives your resume writer the best description of your communications style for writing in your voice and portraying the real you.
  • You gain an added benefit from the comprehensive DISC profile by learning valuable information about your unique personal style, distinctive characteristics and specific interpersonal traits, plus strategies for being sensitive to those with differing styles. This knowledge prepares you for effectively selling yourself at the job interview.
  • Your DISC Debrief includes basic education about communication preferences, natural behavioural strengths, motivational needs, ideal work environments, and the specific values you offer to an organisation.
  • You’ll even learn about potential areas of need for personal development. Stacey’s expertise in these fields also helps job seekers make appropriate career choices or educational planning for achieving personal success.

Stacey Murray, an Authorised DISC Administrator and Behavioral Consultant, incorporates the professional assessment process with every client for providing the highest quality resume writing and cover letter composition services. You can be confident you are receiving unique and powerful marketing documents showcasing the real you to the potential employer.

In addition to being a Behavioural Consultant, Stacey is also a Certified Advanced Resume Writer.

Learn more about presenting yourself to a potential employer using the DISCstyles Report by selecting a report from those available below, or get in touch to discuss a solution to fit your needs.

Reports Available

DISC for Business

Understanding others is key to strong relationships, team cohesion, continuous improvement and improved results.

DISC is the doorway to communication. The use of it can foster win/win relationships. Your behavioural design is the combination of four adaptable factors — D I S C.  The DISC behavioural model is universally proven to provide applications for improvement in the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Job Selection
  • Customer Service
  • Career Planning
  • Time Management
  • Sales
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Social Relationships
  • Goal Setting

Understanding and adapting to behavioural styles improves communication skills. Good communication enhances relationships and supports team unification.

Behaviourally speaking, you are in the minority; everyone is.

It’s no wonder we encounter people problems. No matter who you are, the majority of people are different from you. All these people, many important to your success, think differently, decide differently, use time differently, work differently, communicate differently, handle emotions differently, manage stress differently, deal with conflicting opinions differently… Not necessarily worse, not necessarily better; just differently.

Learning about your behavioural (DISC) profile will help you to better understand yourself and others, enhancing your personal and professional relationships. Understanding behaviour supports the achievement of:

  • Increased understanding of self
  • Increased understanding of others
  • Increased communication effectiveness
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased tension and conflict
  • Decreased staff turnover
  • Focused and targeted training for improvement

Group, Team, Collaboration (partnership), Leadership, Values and 360° reports are available.

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