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Let me guess – you hate selling yourself?

Then the solution is simple: don’t.

It’s the secret most good resume writers won’t tell you: you don’t have to sell yourself.

Instead, an exceptional resume and a strong job strategy will make you irresistible to employers; it makes you easy to be ‘bought’.

So, if you’re a yawn on paper, the phone is running cold, and the only thing flooding into your email inbox is tumbleweeds…

then you’ve found the right place for help creating staggeringly good documents that highlight you and your zone of genius.

Does your resume illustrate your greatness?

If you’ve reached this point, you’ve probably realised that developing a ‘stop-employers-in-their-tracks’ kind of resume is an involved process. Your documents need to be strategically content, keyword, and format optimised to pass three screening stages:


ATS – resume scanning software that reads your resume uploaded to a job board or online application. It determines your match to the job application and ranks you against other candidates.


Sometimes a receptionist or HR assistant who aids in screening and shortlisting applicants.


Often the HR manager, recruiter or business manager in charge of deciding who to appoint to the role.

It’s a delicate balance; your documents need to ‘woo’ technology just as much as it does humans. Your resume needs to be effectively keyword optimised and formatted to allow resume scanning software to read, evaluate and categorise it. It also needs to be visually appealing and concise, while also being sufficiently detailed to compel the employer to phone you. To most, these terms seem contradictory, but in a well-written resume, they aren’t!

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It’s no secret that the job market is highly competitive. Many companies receive hundreds, sometimes thousands, of unsolicited resumes each week! In Australia, the average job advertisement can attract over 130 applications, making it difficult to stand out in a sea of sameness.

It’s not simply enough to have the skills to do the job – you need the skills and resources to actually get the job

Imagine being pursued for opportunities, rather than standing in line for them?

Are you a university graduate, professional, manager, executive or businessperson who is:

Strategising your next career move or promotion and need a powerful resume that accentuates your achievements, contributions and potential to get you where you want to go?

Transitioning from self-employment or business ownership and need help translating your experiences in business to those with relevance and appeal to an employer?

Graduating, after investing considerable time and money into your education and need a resume that translates what you’ve learned into something marketable and appealing to employers?

Changing careers or re-entering the workforce after a break and stuck on identifying what exactly it is you have to offer an employer, much less make it shine on your resume?

I’m the resume writer who works with people just like you every day.

Finding the ‘tried and tested’ that used to work so well for you doesn’t have the phone ringing for you anymore?

You’ve spent hours Googling conflicting and confusing information on how to update your resume. Your fingers are poised above the keyboard, but the words still escape you.

Sound familiar?

Developing a professional level resume is a complex process… but for you, it doesn’t have to be.

It’s not possible for you to be at the forefront of continually evolving resume writing trends. Or recruitment techniques and technologies. Or employer expectations.

That’s why I’m here to help.

Are you ready to stop wasting your time, energy, and opportunities playing the resume guessing game? Then it’s time we talked about kicking your CV up a notch.

Hi, I’m Stacey Murray

(CARW, B.Bus (HRMgmt, Mgmt), CDI) and I love helping people build meaningful careers.

In addition to recruiting thousands of people over my HR career, I trained with Australia’s most highly awarded and credentialled resume writer to earn my Certified Advanced Resume Writer certification – one of only 16 resume writers in Australia to hold this level of accreditation.

Since 2009, I’ve helped clients succeed by giving them my award-winning expertise from both sides of the hiring desk, and am passionate about community and education, regularly writing articles and presenting workshops on a range of career, job search and employment skill topics to workplaces, schools and community groups.

We all have bills to pay, families and lifestyles to support, hobbies and passions to enjoy, but I believe employment – your career – shouldn’t simply be a means to an end.

If you are a university graduate, professional, manager, executive or businessperson ready to:

Strategically find your next opportunity, and ready to find it (or have it find you!) much sooner;

Realise the depth of what you have to offer employers and leverage that value to support you to secure better remuneration and benefits;

Invest in bettering your future and maximising your career prospects, or;

Polish your profile and personal brand to position yourself for board/committee appointment, business development or tendering opportunities

… then you’ve the right resume writer to create the career tools that cut through the noise and get you a job – the job you deserve – sooner.


Here are some kind words from some of my clients:

Our clients have gone on to land opportunities with some of Australia’s most recognisable names.

How we work together

Worksheet & Resume Interview

If you have purchased a package which includes a resume interview, once your worksheet is returned, we will hold your resume interview to dig deeper into your experiences, achievements, capabilities and goals.


Resume Preparation

Your drafts will be sent to you for your feedback and review and suggested additions or changes will be made as requested by you. Final copies are issued in editable Microsoft Word format.


Creation of Career Documents

Once your resume draft has been finalised, the above process will repeat for your cover letter, followed by other career tools ordered (LinkedIn & Seek Profiles, etc).


Design of Career Tools

Once your resume, cover letter and reference list draft has been finalised, the above process will repeat for your other online profiles and career tools ordered (LinkedIn & Seek Profiles, etc).


Final Document & Tools Handover

Upon approval and completion of all documents from you, your documents and tools purchased in your package are delivered to you via email, and any physical items ordered will be posted to you within 3 business days.


Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you have my package ready?

Crafting highly effective and tailored documents should be given the due time and care it needs and deserves. Therefore, I do not do ‘rush’ jobs or imminent deadlines. Documents thrown together at the eleventh hour aren’t going to yield you the results (and return on investment) you deserve. I work with clients to develop documents to meet application deadlines and am happy to provide an estimated turnaround time based on your specific needs and situation.

How much do your services cost?

Grab your information kit by clicking the download button. It contains pricing, service options, process outlines and all the information you need to know about working together.

What is the process?

Grab your information kit by clicking the download button. It contains pricing, service options, process outlines and all the information you need to know about working together.

How long does the process take?

Most resumes will be in your hot little hands approximately 7-10 days from the return of your worksheet and documents, however, is entirely dependent on how quickly your feedback is returned to me.  Each client is carefully scheduled in, factoring the specific needs, care and time their resume requires, therefore clients will experience delays where they cannot commit to the same time frame and extended periods lapse without communication. I respectfully ask that if something comes up and you can’t get back to me quickly – please don’t go MIA! Just let me know and I would be happy to help others in the meantime, and we’ll pick up where we left off and work together again as soon as you’re able to.

Can you do 'rush' jobs?

I work as efficiently for clients as possible and wherever humanly possible accommodate application deadlines, however, I don’t do ’emergencies’!  I’m a stickler for perfection, so quality work which does you and your investment justice takes proper care and time, and I won’t do any client disservice by not giving your work the care and attention it deserves and that you expect.

Can we meet in person?

Services are offered only online or over the phone – I don’t mind Facebook or text messages either – you can get hold of me whichever way works best for you. As much as I love to meet over coffee and chat, as a home-based business and working parent, some of my best work is done at ungodly hours!

Can I change my mind once we've started?

This is a biggie. Seemingly small changes on a client’s end quite often have major impacts on my end. “Simple” requests such as changing your job goal or chosen cover letter target, just for example, have major implications on the effectiveness of your package and sometimes require a complete rewrite, and therefore packages unfortunately cannot be changed (without chatting with me first!) once a service has started and may sometimes incur an additional fee. I’ll work with you as best I can to accommodate your wishes and goals, and any changes that can be made without affecting your whole document will be.

Can you guarantee me a job on the basis of the resume you've written for me?

No, and no resume writer on this planet can! A resume isn’t designed to get you a job. It is designed to convince the reader to interview you. The resume we create will put your best foot forward and best position you to attract interview opportunities based on the roles you wish to target.

There is an infinite number of variables that affect your job success, many both within and outside of your control. What I can promise, is that the resume I produce you will be representing the very best you have to offer, putting you in the best position possible and optimise your chances of success.

What program do I need to read and use my resume?

In order to open, view, print, and save your documents, you will need to use Microsoft Word on a laptop or desktop. Other programs, such as WordPad, MS Works, WordPerfect, or Google Docs will not work. Also, phones, tablets and some Mac computers may not display or print this file accurately, possibly even in Mac for Word. In that regard, Mac’s “.pages” files are definitely not compatible. Microsoft Word for Windows is far and away the most widely used and accepted business word processing program, which is why we create all documents using it. Sorry Apple fans!